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Leading women back to their power is my biggest passion. I love celebrating our bodies in each phase. Especially during pregnancy - it is such a wonderful time to capture what your body is capable of creating. I love showing women my perspective of unconditional love. I am excited to share my magic with you through my photography.
I do offer other holistic wellness services for women to reclaim their power as well. To check out my events, retreats and healing sessions have a look in the menu.

A $150 non-refundable Deposit is required to book your session.

Payment plans are available.

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Outdoor Session


50 images included

Celebrating your body, embracing all that you are - capturing your pure essence.

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L: Love, Light, Learn

E: Expand, Embrace, Embody

A: Accept, Activate, Awake

2 Hour session

Deep connected conversation

Cacao Ceremony

Card reading & Crystal gift

Holding space

Photo session in nature

50 images included​

If you are feeling insecure, been hiding for a long time but you are ready for change. This photo session is for you! I see you. I feel you. I listen to you! This 2 hour 1:1 session is so much more than a photoshoot. You will leave empowered, stronger and more connected to yourself!




40-minute Photo session

Outdoor in nature 

Mama to be (can include partner)

50 images included

I love pregnant mamas. Our bodies are so incredible creating life & nurturing babies.

Photosession Hilary (281)_edited.jpg



Portrait of couple 

Outdoor Session

40-minute photo session

50 images included

I capture the love and connection between people, the loving touch and bond between you.



$60 - 200

In person sessions

I combine different modules of healing:

Different types of breathwork from gentle, relaxing, invigorating to holotropic. Depending on your needs and intentions.

I guide you through powerful meditations and help regulate your nervous system.

I use reiki healing to transmute any not serving energies and shift any tension.

My cacao journeys are heart opening, expansive and truly soul warming (more info on cacao in the menu).

My sound bowls (Heart, Sacral and Root Chakra) vibrate your chakra system back into harmony and alignment.

You can pick and choose what your body, mind and soul feels called to most:

Option 1:

40 minutes, $60 (choose 2 modules)

a) Reiki & Meditation

b) Breathwork & Meditation

c) Sound bath & Meditation

D) Cacao & Meditation

Option 2:

60 minutes, $80 (choose 3 modules)

a) Breathwork & Reiki & Meditation

b) Breathwork & Sound bath & Meditation

c) Sound bath & Reiki & Meditation

d) Cacao & Reiki & Meditation

e) Cacao & Breathwork & Meditation

f) Cacao & Sound bath & Meditation

Option 3: 

90 minutes, $150 (choose 4 modules)

a) Breathwork & Sound bath & Reiki & Meditation

b) Cacao & Breathwork & Sound bath & Meditation

c) Cacao & Breathwork & Reiki & Meditation

d) Cacao & Sound bath & Reiki & Meditation

Option 4:

2 hours, $200

Cacao & Breathwork & Sound bath & Reiki & Meditation

Prices: Services
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