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I have been on my own self-discovery journey & I want to share the magic of self love. Loving yourself more is the first step to be living your best life! Seeing yourself through my lens of love gives you a new perspective that can shift how you see yourself and how you show up in daily life.

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This unique offer is a special 1:1 session. We dive deep into a conversation to connect. We drink ceremonial cacao, focus on deep breaths and connect to higher self energy & mother nature. We call in your infinite potential and anchor it in your presence. 
I offer a card reading and crystal gift. Together we will journey into who you are, how you feel, how you want to feel and how to get there. I will be holding space for you, really seeing you, acknowledging you in all that you are. This sacred space offers transformation & growth.  We dive into an intuitive photoshoot capturing you in your pure essence. Empowering and encouraging you to BE all of you. Being seen in your pureness in a safe space is liberating! These photos will help you to remember your true power that you hold within.

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This unique experience is priceless & truly life changing!

You will awaken to your true abilities, and you will cherish these photos and this experience forever. The images anchor in this magical energy we cocreate during the session.


10 high resolution digital files, retouched (option to purchase more)

Crystal gift

Card Reading

Ceremonial Cacao

I cannot wait to connect with you and cocreate magic!

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Imke and her comforting presence has helped me so much on my journey to personal growth, acceptance and love for myself and I am so excited to see the ripple effect.

Thank you.

Thank you. 

Thank you.

Just feeling so lucky and happy that I have these images and the experience to look back on and be so proud of. I gained strength and courage going forward, thank you!

I am so grateful to have had you in your element of peace and harmony.

I look strong, confident, fierce, courageous, happy, radiant, beautiful and free!!

Looking forward to this journey and continuing to stay connected to the wonderful YOU!! 

After working with Imke twice before, once for a breastfeeding shoot and also our wedding, I knew she produced incredible photos. I also knew she had a calm and safe feeling about her, which made this feel a lot better. I felt nervous about her seeing my body, not that I don’t like my body personally, just that I don’t like people seeing it. So I guess some of it I’m ashamed of? Or nervous about? During our session I felt seen, heard, beautiful, empowered and like a queen I was definitely on a high for a few days. I felt confident, at ease, a very nice feeling to be within one self. I love my photos. I actually like my nude ones sooo much more. Which is funny, but I’m actually super proud of them too I will scream it to everyone I see. Do it! Do it! Do it!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you again for sharing that special day with me, it has made me smile on occasions each day since having realised that I'd opened up on such a free and liberating level that it has somewhat melted away any resistance of being in the present moment that may feel uncomfortable. 
To allow me to just be me, be happy, spontaneous and all of me!

When I think back to what led me step into working with Imke all I can really tell you is that although I found her offer scary and nerve-racking my intuition told me I needed to say yes. Leading up to this experience I was nervous, I didn’t know what to expect and the idea of getting naked in front of someone I barely knew… AND getting photos done?! Well that all just sounded crazy! I definitely delayed the process thinking… I just need to lose a couple kg, then I’ll be ready. But… you guessed it! That didn’t happen, and I stepped in anyway! The day before our photoshoot I was decidedly nervous, lacking confidence in myself and my body. I sent Imke a message and she replied encouraging me to watch Embrace on Netflix. Well, let me tell you that was exactly what I needed to hear! I finished watching that show feeling FAR more confident in my body and stepping into feeling grateful for the body I have, the body that has birthed 2 beautiful babies. It was also incredibly important when I thought about how I want my daughter to view HER body. There was no way I was going to let my lack of self-confidence affect her. The morning of our shoot I was SO excited. I could not wait for the experience. I met with Imke outside on a beautiful, albeit, cold sunny day. Imke had a beautiful space set up for us to start. We chatted and enjoyed breathing in the beautiful sunshine and space we were in. When we were ready to start taking photos I was ready to just strip down right there and then. There was no more fear or anxiety within me. I felt safe, secure and I was already having so much fun! The photo session itself was great. I loved every minute of it! Imke is very skilled at making you feel safe, loved and beautiful. I felt so empowered and liberated during the whole session. The very next day I received some sneak peaks! I’ll admit I was nervous to see the results… I hesitantly looked at the files… I looked through the images with judgemental eyes seeing the bits of me that aren’t my favourite. But then I kept looking at them again and again… and I kept seeing the beauty that I often see in others. I LOVE looking at these photos now and my confidence to be naked has changed dramatically! I feel so free, I feel so empowered, I feel so beautiful! Thank you Imke for showing me the beauty that is often so hard to find looking down. If you’re unsure of whether to step in to this experience with Imke I would like you to think… what’s the worst that can happen? You might just walk away feeling AMAZING, feeling BEAUTIFUL and feeling FREE like I did. It might just change your life!

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