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All mamas to be! Listen up.
You will never get this moment back. Let us capture the life inside of you, growing & glowing! It is such a beautiful time to remember what your body is able to do and create! I love photographing pregnant women so much! The most beautiful maternity photos I have taken did not involve many clothes and really show the pureness of the female body. My absolute favourite maternity shoots were underwater - being in my element. I am looking forward to extending this service in Summer 2023!

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Capturing your birth is telling a story. Each moment from contractions, breathing through the pain, being supported by your birth team, excitement of meeting your baby soon to capturing the moment your baby meets earth side, the vernix, the cord, the placenta, the first latch, the first cuddle, capturing the post birth checks, meeting siblings - there is so many little moments in time, little details that are often missed if not captured in a camera.
It is a once in your life time story that often feels like a blurry memory, having photos can help you to go back, process & heal - it can help you acknowledge your strength as woman!

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The images on my website are only a glimpse of what I do & create.

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