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Come and play mermaid with me!

Underwater Photography has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I bought a small waterproof and shock proof camera when I was a teenager, to capture the underwater life in the Philippines and have been fascinated by this unique way of capturing images ever since.
At the end of 2022 I finally made the leap to purchase a professional underwater housing for my Sony and am ready to offer this to my clients. Let's dive deep into the world of creation. In the water you have more flow, movement is easy, and we get to play with different elements, literally.

Underwater: Welcome
Underwater: Portfolio

Mermaid Packages

Dive in


60-minutes in the water

10 images included

Option to purchase more

Dive Deep


90-minute Photo session

30-minute over water & 60-minutes underwater

20 images included

Option to purchase more

In Depth


3-hour session

L.E.A. Session (see more about what this involves in the Empowerment Section)

Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork, Meditation, Soundbath, Meditation, Photoshoot over water & Photoshoot underwater - a truly in depth once in a lifetime experience!

20 images included

Option to purchase more

Underwater: Text

"What an honour and privilege to have an underwater maternity shoot with Imke! Everything about the experience felt easy, safe, and empowering. Imke took leadership of the session and guided me into creative poses. Her eye for detail and editing resulted in the most magical images I’ll treasure forever."

Underwater: Testimonials
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