My name is Imke (* pronounced Imka )

I LOVE photography. It really sparks pure joy for me when I am behind the camera. It is my passion & I am deeply grateful to be living my dream & soul purpose.

When I asked my clients & friends to describe me they chose the following words:

Kind, intuitive, loving, thoughtful, empathic, down to earth, trustworthy, wholehearted, passionate, genuine, gentle, authentic, radiant & humble.

That sums me up pretty well I believe!

Little bit about my story: I was born in Germany. Been living in New Zealand since 2013. Got married in 2014, we have two beautiful children. Two Labradors & a ginger cat are also part of our little family.

I got my first really good camera when I was just a teenager. I spent many years practicing my photography skills on my friends & family.

I shot my first wedding in 2013 and knew from that moment on that wedding photography is my dream. I have captured many weddings since & never stop learning. Each couple, each location, each special day is different. I love to get to know you & your journey. A lot of experience & practice makes me who I am today: A confident photographer with my unique way of looking through my lens with PASSION for Life & Love.

I appreciate your time & interest to get to know me more.