My name is Imke (* pronounced Imka )

I LOVE photography. It sparks pure joy for me to be behind the camera and show you the world through my eyes. I am deeply grateful to be living my dream & soul purpose. I am combining my empathetic abilities & my creative expression all within my work.

I asked my clients & friends to describe me. They chose the following words:

Kind, intuitive, loving, thoughtful, empathic, trustworthy, wholehearted, passionate, genuine, gentle, authentic, radiant & humble.

That sums me up pretty well I believe!

Little bit about my story: I was born in Germany. Been living in New Zealand since 2013. Got married in 2014, we have two beautiful children (5 & 7), two Labradors & a ginger cat.

My photography skills have been evolving with time but I believe I am still learning something new everyday. 

A lot of experience & practice makes me who I am today: A confident photographer with my unique way of looking through my lens with pure Love for Life!

I appreciate your time & interest to get to know me more.


My logo

Kowhai refers to the authority and powers held by people to whom we look to for help and life. Kowhai is also said to symbolise personal growth and helps people to move on from the past with a renewed sense of adventure.
This is a big role in my work. Encouraging and supporting you to find your power within. Ready for your adventure ahead.